CFSP Facility

Dynamic Storage Ltd is pleased to offer you our clients the convenience of our CFSP facility including:

  • Fast track the import of your goods through customs
  • Simplified procedures
  • Cash flow benefits


What is Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP)?
CFSP allows authorised traders to gain accelerated removal or release of most third country imports by making a simplified declaration containing the minimum of details at the frontier.

How CFSP works

The full statistical and fiscal details of the goods are later provided to Customs electronically within a defined timescale. However CFSP imports will still be subject to anti-smuggling and admissibility controls as are all other goods entering the UK. Other features of CFSP include possible cash flow benefits and the use of simplified procedures in conjunction with normal entry and warehouse procedures to meet the needs of your business.

Therefore duty and VAT will not need to be paid until your product is sold.

For a more in depth overview please contact us.