self storage near backwellDynamic Self Storage Near Backwell

In addition to our commercial logistic services, Dynamic have now extended our comprehensive range of services to include Self Storage Near Backwell for the domestic user.

We have years of experience in Self Storage Near Backwell.  We can provide you with your own storage area for temporary storage whilst moving house or for items not easily palletised because of their dimensions’ beds, furniture etc.  We can also provide you with transport at very competitive rates.

Our self storage warehouse Near Backwell offers maximum security with CCTV and intruder and alarms. All rooms are locked and the keys are kept in our key safe as only DSL staff have access to these keys. If customers are sharing a room they are accompanied by a member of DSL staff whilst in the building for security reasons.

Storage spaces start at 50sq ft and we can go up to approx 460 sq ft. If a separate room is required this is charged at a higher rate depending on the size of the room.

Customers who self store with us call into reception and someone will then take the key with them to unlock the store.

Our self storage facility Near Backwell is available Mon – Fri 8:30am -5pm.

If you’ve never been inside a storage centre before, why not come in and see what we’re talking about and we can answer any questions you may have and show you a range of storage areas in different sizes at our facility Near Backwell.